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During the movement of goods between static refrigerating warehouses and vehicles, every effort must be made to avoid any warming. The principle of close car directly to the cold wall of the store. The perfect location to return the car to the door with the seal, so that the content can move right in the store, without the influence of the ambient temperature. If the height is different from the one in the store, adjustable platform installed on the doors. To avoid penetration of warm air (and the loss of cold air) it is useful to have the airlock. They must be at least the length of the loaded truck, and require additional space, along with the double doors and extra movement of time.

In the large supermarkets have their own regional distribution centers, which are shipped from the factory or of a container terminal on a daily basis. From there, the distribution of the individual stores passes through the fleet of refrigerated semi-trailers. Smaller retailers to use independent distribution stores where goods are supplied in bulk, are stored for a short time, " the order took, and then sent, Fig.


Distribution stores require adjacent or built-in refrigerating warehouses and picking areas, and can operate 24 hours a day. For full access, system storage pallet racking. It takes approximately two-thirds of the store, leaving the rest for sorting the goods in separate outbound packets. The latter may be on pallets or wheeled racks. Operatives spend picking work within the store and wear suitable protective clothing.

Shops within the warehouse usually 5-8 m in height, so that there is less movement of air from the coolers at the working level, with external condensing units to the building, without imposing additional cooling load in stock (Fig. 17.8). Cargo refrigerated products are supplied from a distribution network, at the local cold warehouse space in retail outlets.


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