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Sea and multimodal transportation

Sea transport was initially insulated, has a built in ships. A few of them remain, due to the high cost of processing, and most Maritime trade now uses containers, or with their individual cooling plants or connected to the Central cooling system on the ship. Refrigerator is a generic name, as a rule, apply to the standard temperature control ISO container (see Fig. 17.2). Built-in refrigeration station Fig. 17.3 in these isolated containers, has a management system which allows you to set the temperature to be maintained over a wide range of external temperatures. Monitoring and alarms security products.

Standard width of ISO containers-by 8-foot standard height (8 feet 6 inches, and 9 feet 6 inches, and the most common length of 20 feet and 40 feet. Cooling is usually not required, but under some conditions, the heating may be necessary. It will usually be possible to check the temperature necessary condition for particular cargo, and in-built control system then maintains conditions. Typical installation temperature 13,5C banana, 0.5C for some chilled and fresh produce, 18C for frozen meat, 29C frozen fish or ice cream.

For refrigerated and warmer temperatures of goods, which should not be frozen, the temperature of air supplied is controlled, while for frozen goods, control of air temperature going back to the cars. It is vital to remain within a specified temperature range for the preservation of the integrity of the cargo, other constructive and expensive damage as a result of loss of market value may occur.

Container ships have slots with power supply units for refrigerators, as well as specialised reefer container ships, which are generally smaller. On Board container ships in the refrigerators are connected to the ship's power and can be monitored remotely. Monitoring can be extended via satellite shipper, which in turn can control your dear cargo refrigerated or frozen goods. Slots are also provided on the dock, refrigerators or dispersed to cold storages for handling or unloaded in road vehicles.


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