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Transport And Storage

Storage conditions should be maintained during transport. Vehicles, in fact, cold warehouses on wheels, but even harder to maintain the correct storage temperature than for large refrigeration warehouses, due to several factors:
  • (a) additional heat is introduced during the loading and unloading of the vehicle;
  • (b) defrost, has a greater impact on food compared with refrigerated warehouses (more limited space for coils, more humid air inlet);
  • (c) the possibilities of close contact between foods and side walls, through loading and transportation of loads connected to the power that the road creates circulation in the cargo (centrifugal force).
With respect to (a), the two aspects are important: first, the time required for loading/ unloading works (time should be minimal), and the second level of protection of the cargo during these operations.

(C), the problem can be very serious when the machine is not working, and the sun radiating roof and side walls. In this case the external surface temperature can reach values close to 90with, and the internal surface temperature can be increased as a function of the proximity of cargo to the wall...

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