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Storage of Frozen food in the Freezer

The air in the food freezer, as in the fridge, very dry. Any moisture in the air of the freezer quickly condenses on the surface of the evaporator. This is very important, because all frozen food products were Packed in moisture-proof containers.

When the packing of food products for freezing, as much air as possible, should be removed from the packaging. Hot food should be lower temperature before placing them in the freezer. Frozen products in packages should be tightly closed. Plain paper too porous to use for the freezer. If not properly packaged, frozen products will develop freezer burn. Freezer burn is determined by the change in the color of food. Nutritional value is not affected, but change the color and appearance.

The majority of frozen food can persist for several weeks 0F -10F (-I8with to -23C). Food should be kept for one year or more should be frozen at -20F (-29C) or lower. Some frozen foods are better than others...

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