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Automotive air conditioning and heating systems

Vehicle heating and cooling, can be regarded as two different sets of components, which are combined inside the machine for the production of the desired temperature. These means of payment cycles heater cycle and cycle air conditioner.

Both heater circuit and refrigerant cycle are used to grant or heating or cooling of the vehicle heating-cooling module. The module contains the heat exchanger heater and air conditioner cycle of the evaporator. The goal of the heater cycle to allow warm air in the cabin during the colder climates. Air conditioning cycle is used to cool and dehumidify the salon in warm climates. Heater refrigerant cycle and cycle and some common components. They both mounted inside the heating-cooling module and use the fan to circulate prevent or cold air. They also share the same chimneys and vents, used for delivery of warm or cold air of the passenger compartment.


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