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Technical information Air-Conditioning Water Sprays

Water Splashes

Large air conditioners use water jet. These delete wettable solid pollutants, liquid pollution, water soluble gases polluting substances from the air. Some of these gases, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide. Water will not remove soot.

Typically, the water is sprayed in the template, which produces 100% of the duct cross-section of the coating. Drain pan is thrown into the water. Eliminator plates in the air duct to collect a drop of water going down the duct. Water drain pan, as a rule, are equipped with a float-controlled makeup water connection.

Constant overflow drainoff used. It removes dust and dirt, as it collects on the surface of the water. The water in the drain pan is recirculated by the centrifugal pump. The screen is located at the inlet of the pump for the prevention of pollution from clogging spray nozzles. These air washers popular during the heating season.

Care must be taken to avoid the negative temperature spray chamber, preheating coil is typically used to maintain the temperature above zero. Spraying of water, in addition to clearing of the air, and also serves as a humidifier. Comfort cooling systems, which condense moisture from the air, use the wet surface of the evaporator to filter. Flush the system is used to delete the information the dirt...

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