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Air Circulation

In warm air heating, three main systems used for air circulation:
  • Gravitation.
  • Intermittent forced air.
  • Permanent forced air.
Gravitational system not popular. Too much energy is lost before penetrates the air in the room is heated. Most installations use the intermittent system of forced air. Thermostat in the furnace of the Plenum chamber is used to control the fan. Is becoming increasingly popular is continuous blower system. This provides a more constant temperature in the premises.

Systems designed for cooling and heating need additional capacity for air movement. Cubic foot cooled air will not change the room temperature for the same, how many cubic feet of heated air. The reason for this is the temperature difference. Heated air comes out of the duct many degrees warmer than the air in the room and back. Cooled air is not all, much colder than the air in the room and back. Accordingly, large quantities should be moved into the room to get the desired effect. In addition, the cooled air and high relative humidity.

People have trouble getting cool when the relative humidity is high. More air flow required for cooling than to heat.

High volume of cool air is required somewhat offset by the reduction in the cooling load. In normal conditions, and 30% to 50% of the air flow increase is required. One of the two methods will increase the airflow in the case of necessity:

  • Use the two-speed fan motor (for directly driven blowers).
  • Install two pulley speed on the motor if the belt drive, the device used.
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