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Refrigerant water heater

Refrigerant water heater another type of heat exchanger is used as an auxiliary cooling cycle. With this device, the domestic water is heated as discharge gas from the compressor desuperheated. This reduces power consumption when the heat, must be rejected from the system. Instead of rejecting heat on the street, where she is unfit, it is passed to the system of hot water supply. Tube-in-tube heat exchanger is sometimes used for this purpose instead of the shell-and-reel version shown. In this case, a counter is used with hot gas, working on the street, while the water flows through the inside.

Here is a diagram, with the actual installation. In the summer, when cooling is needed comfort, warmth, as a rule, denied the outdoor air is absorbed by the water in the heater instead. Water pump circulates the heated water existing water heater, which acts as a container for storage. When enough heat stored in the hot water for the production of 140F water, any excess heat is rejected from the air-cooled condenser.

When cooling load is insufficient to produce water that is warm enough, regular water heater fuel electricity, oil or gas adds warmth to bring water to the desired temperature.

For heat pumps, temperate conditions may require only a part of the heat absorbed from the outdoor air for space heating. The balance of the heat can be used to pre-heat the water. Regular water heater fuel adds whatever degree of heat is not enough, in this case...

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