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Temperature Protection

Numerous security control of the use of the temperature relay in turn, and the cycle off or keep it if refrigerant, air, oil, water and temperature of the engine are excessive. These devices are automatic and manual reset versions.

Although the thermostat, as a rule, is used as the primary control, it can also be used as a security control. Remote lamp, bellows model shown here is just like the example shown previously as the master control for heating. As an additional control, its lamp is placed in the airstream leaving the electric heating coil. When the air flow through the coil becomes inadequate, heat accumulates around the coil. Light of the senses, fever, extends the skins, and breaks the circuit of management of the coil of power contactor.

Thermostats are designed to protect the cycle of the extremely low or high temperatures at various points. In addition to sensing of temperature of air, thermostats different types of relay temperature control, conditions such as:

  • Compressor discharge Gas Temperature to avoid excessive discharge temperature that cause valve warping, carbonization and oil breakdown.
  • Winding temperature to avoid excessive heat in the motor windings that melt the insulation of the engine and cause damage to the engine.
  • Oil temperature for protection from oil breakdown and lubrication failure.
  • Water temperature frost protection cooling water in D-X cooler and damage cooler pipes.

    They are also used for protection of the cycle, when the water pump fails.


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