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Flooded cooler - Flooded chiller

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Flooded cooler on the centrifugal liquid chillers

Flooded cooler type as the centrifugal chillers fluid. When compared with the D-X cooler, there are notable differences. First, the cooler has refrigerant out of the tube or on the shellside, while D-X cooler was inside the tube on tubeside.

You could say that the shellside evaporator is flooded with liquid refrigerant. Water or in brine spreads through the tube. Secondly, coil fills only the lower part of the shell. He is in the water below the level of the liquid refrigerant, which is controlled by a float valve. Evaporator shell acts as egalitarian. At the top of the left vacant, so of refrigerant vapors can be properly separated from the liquid evaporated. The separators are intended to assist in this task. As in the D-X cooler design, flooded cooler uses the extended tube.

Evaporator absorbing heat from the refrigeration system. Compressor adds its own heat of compression, which then moves into the condenser, where heat is rejected.

Because these components are interconnected, they depend on each other for proper operation. If one stops functioning properly, the entire system suffers. This is just as true of the evaporator as for any component. If the evaporator absorbs too little heat, he becomes a bottleneck for the heat-moving abilities of the entire cooling system. The rest of the system components can be fine working order, but remember overall system is only as strong as its weakest component...

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