Three Types of Water-Cooled Condensers: Types of water cooled condensers Water cooled condenser

Types of water cooled condensers - Types of water cooled condensers

Technical information Refrigeration Three Types of Water-Cooled Condensers

Three Types of water-Cooled Condensers

Three main types of water-cooled condensers are pipe in a Pipe", " shell and Coil and plate. Each type performs the same task, approximately in the same conditions using different designs for ships, which contain water and refrigerant in the condenser. Consider every type, from the smallest to the largest capacity.

Pipe-in-pipe", sometimes called the double pipe or coaxial capacitor. Its name reflects its design. One tube is placed in a big pipe, and the ends of large tubes are sealed. Water circulates through one of the tubes, while the refrigerant passes through the other. In this figure, the refrigerant passes through the space between the inner and outer tube. This is the normal arrangement.

These capacitors are flexible in their location and because they are long, as a rule, they are in different forms to fit the space limitations of the application.

Product shown here, a boxed product, designed for installation indoors. The compact nature of pipe-in-Pipe " capacitor makes it ideal for this product.

Tube-in-tube condensers most often are used for air conditioning products up to 5 tons of cooling capacity. They are also used, however, the commercial products through approximately 20 tons, as this vertical air conditioning (VAC). This design is ideal for adding air conditioning to old buildings being renovated...

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