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Mechanical refrigeration systems

There are many types of mechanical refrigeration systems. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, component arrangements, and uses. If you build your understanding cooling, trying to learn about each one, you will have a very long and arduous task facing us. If, on the other hand, you work hard to learn the basics of the refrigeration represented in the first three modules of this program, your job will become much easier. Principles of mechanical cooling and main components of the system are the same, no matter how large or small the system, and no matter how Packed. So let's start learning about things all cooling systems in common. Then you will easily understand the details that constitute one system to the other.

Here is the basic scheme of mechanical cooling systems. You remember that there are four components. Fluid (liquid or gas)is called the refrigerant circulates through each component for the purposes of heat transfer. It flows between the components, through a pipeline refrigerant, in the direction of the arrows. The order in which it flows through the components are always the same for cooling systems.


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