Thermoelectric Refrigeration: Thermoelectric refrigeration system diagram

Thermoelectric refrigeration system diagram

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Thermoelectric Cooling

Thermoelectric process removes heat from one area and places it in a different area. Electrical energy is used as a "carrier", and not the refrigerant. It was used mainly in portable refrigerators, luxury stationary household refrigerators, water coolers. He also used for cooling of scientific equipment for space exploration and aircraft.

Another application of the principle of thermoelectric in computer systems for the cooling of electronic components. In General, these components are fan-cooled and removed components. In large systems, chilled water or refrigerant may be necessary. However, as computer systems become less thermoelectric cooling systems are becoming increasingly common.

Thermoelectric cooling requires that no ordinary equipment needed vapors system. No compressor, evaporator, condenser, or refrigerant. In fact, there are no moving parts. Device noiseless, compact, and requires minimum maintenance. Wiring diagram typical thermoelectric power module.

Input 120 VAC resigned in a transformer to 20 V ac.

This current goes through rectifier and changes to 20 V dc. Direct current is then passed through a thermoelectric module. The junction of the inside of the refrigerator getting cold and distribution out of the refrigerator is heated.

Thermoelectric cooling devices, when used in refrigeration, called modules. The module consists of several cold and hot junctions in series. Diagram of the module. The letters P and N do not see the current positive polarity ( + ) and negative (-). In thermoelectric units, P-and N-a reference to the properties of semiconductor materials. Materials are intended as a positive or negative depending on how the semiconductor electrons behave under the influence of the current. Construction of a module attached to the fridge is shown schematically in Fig. 18-18. The direction of direct current in the module defines the junction of heated or cooled.

Reversing switch is usually part of the electrical circuit. Thus, the Cabinet of Ministers may be due to either cool or warm food. Thermoelectric coolers have a low coefficient of performance (COP), but they are also very versatile. They can run on 12V DC source or 110 VAC. This made units popular place for picnics and camping..

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