Tube-within-a-Tube Condenser: Tube within a tube condenser Tube within a tube condenser

Tube within a tube condenser - Tubewithin a tube water cooled condencer

Technical information Industrial Tube-within-a-Tube Condenser

Pipe-in-pipe Capacitor

Pipe-in-pipe water-cooled condenser popular because it is easy to do. Water passing through the inner tube is cooled by the refrigerant in the outer tube. The outside of the tube also cools the air in the room. Double cooling efficiency.

This type of capacitor can be built on cylindrical spiral or rectangular style. The internal tube, shows a 6-pin and 8-lcad corrugated inner tube. This design increases teplootdachu. This design achieves vapour refrigerant leakage.

Water enters the condenser refrigerant vapour at the outlet. He leaves the condenser at the point where the hot steam from the compressor enters. This is called one or another terflow design. The warmest water adjacent to warm refrigerant. The coolest refrigerant is next to the cool water. This condenser can also be made with hard copper tubes. Rectangular tube-in-tube condenser is used straight, rigid copper pipe and manifolds at the ends. When manifolds are removed, the water pipes can be cleaned mechanically.


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