Compression System Using Low-Side Float Refrigerant Control:

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Compression System Using Low-Side Float Refrigerant Control

On the low side of the float refrigerant management system is often used at the beginning of refrigerating machinery. It is also known as flooded system. Fig. 3-4 shows a schematic diagram of this system. The liquid refrigerant flows from liquid receiver through the liquid line. It continues to flow to the bottom side of the float needle. Evaporator in this system consists of a ribbed tank (evaporator). The tank contains a float and needles management, These maintain a constant level of liquid refrigerant under low pressure. This refrigerant, because it is a liquid on the low side, at low temperature. Cold liquid refrigerant will absorb a lot of heat, as well as cycles off. Evaporated refrigerant passes through the suction (pair) line of the compressor. There he is compressed to high pressure and released in the condenser. For cooling the condenser liquid returns and enters the receiver. The operation continues until the desired low temperature is reached.

Pressure on the low side in flooded systems such as these will depend on the temperature.

The higher the temperature, the higher the low-pressure side. The system shown in Fig. 3-4 uses pressure control motors spring-loaded pressure-sensitive device is located on the suction line, or on the evaporator. It activates the switch for motor controls. As the motor drives the compressor, pressure and temperature of the evaporator will be reduced. In this setting pressure compressor motor stops.

When the evaporator pressure rises to a level corresponding to the set temperature of the refrigerant cycle will repeat. The compressor motor will then start again. The Cabinet temperature can be controlled by the temperature control switch. In this case, the temperature sensor can be attached to the edges of the evaporator. It refrigeration cycle is useful at a constant temperature to the desired one. It is often used for drinking fountains and other objects that require a constant temperature.

Pressure balance on the outside of the cycle. Therefore, you must use the engine that will run under load. Such a system requires a fairly large amount of the refrigerant. This is because there is a liquid refrigerant in the receiver and in the evaporator.

All flooded systems are very effective. Cold liquid refrigerant wets the surface of the evaporator, providing excellent heat transfer. These systems are easy to maintain. Float needle and seat must be in good condition to avoid the possible flooding of the lower side of the...

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